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Why continue to pay rent and contribute to the owner’s retirement plan, when you can begin investing in yourself?!


Owner Will Carry

What exactly does that mean?

When you see “Owner will carry,” or “Owner Financing,” it means the owner or seller is willing to act like the bank and essentially “loan you money” for the purchase of the home.

They won’t actually put money in your hand, but they are willing to let you move into the house  and begin working towards purchasing the home, by making monthly payments.

You still have to satisfy the Seller’s qualifications, but generally the Seller is going to be more concerned with your commitment to pay.  Which is often determined by the strength of your down-payment.

Working directly with the Seller means no banks, no bank qualifying - no jumping through hoops to satisfy a lender’s requirements.  There’s no lengthy approval process with the final decision to loan made by a committee of suits you’ll never see or speak to.

It also means that if you have blemished, bad credit or no credit; or you’re a first time homebuyer or self-employed, owner financing may be your best opportunity to purchase a home.

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